COVID-19 forced the world into lockdown and, of course, causing all travel and holiday plans to be canceled indefinitely. However, slowly and steadily, many places are already opening for the general public carrying out strict travel safety guidelines – that even traveling with children and senior citizens is possible! You or your aging loved one may not feel confident about traveling this time, but to ensure safety, there are factors you should consider when planning/preparing.

  • Check with their doctor/s if they have possible clearance to travel. With trusted personnel from Angel Caregivers, Inc., your home care provider in Harwood Heights, Illinois, the process can be easy as they know the necessary medications and prescriptions to prepare, including the extra precautions to take for the trip.
  • Second, ensure that your aging loved one has the necessary papers, such as active travel insurance and health insurance, in place that covers their age and medical requirements. Also, make sure to check the travel guidelines of the place/state you’re visiting, including their self-quarantine mandates.
  • Make sure to book or opt to travel to less crowded areas. It surely will be more peaceful and there are fewer chances of getting the virus from another person.
  • Make sure that everyone on the trip, not only your aging loved one, follow strict health safety protocols. With Caregivers in Illinois ensuring this step, let them wear face masks at all times, observe appropriate physical distancing, and sanitize as much as possible.

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