When a Senior With Dementia Is Confused

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When we talk about non-medical home care solutions, it is all about providing quality care services.

However, there is more to being a home care provider in Harwood Heights, Illinois. We are your partner in providing safe and reliable living conditions for your loved ones despite their conditions. This includes patients suffering from dementia.

Confusion and episodes of memory loss can happen anytime. While it is difficult to see loved ones through these times, they need us more than ever. Stay calm and take charge. Not being recognized may be painful, but do not let it show. Respond with a short explanation. Lengthy discussions can overwhelm the patient. You can show photos and thought-provoking items to remind them.

Sometimes, the person may be focused on a specific setting in their lifetime. You can travel through that specific time. Engage in the conversation. It may be their current reality, but it keeps your communication. When they ask questions, try to be more patient. Although living with dementia may cause loved ones to forget our efforts, the love, support, and understanding you are giving them will always remain in their hearts.