Ways to Help Address Senior Speech Difficulties

Older adults develop speech difficulties due to age-related problems or if they have certain health issues. If this issue can’t be addressed, it may cause permanent communication problems and difficulty for seniors and can affect their social and emotional health. At Angel Caregivers, Inc., a quality home care provider in Harwood Heights, Illinois, we give caregiver tips on how to help and encourage seniors with speech difficulty to get better.

  • Our caregivers are patient and maintain eye contact when speaking.
    Our caregivers in Illinois are very patient and understanding. They will remind seniors to speak slowly and use short sentences so they don’t have to exert too much effort which can worsen their speech problem. Also, they will encourage them to consult with a professional speech therapist so their issues are well addressed.
  • Our caregivers will work closely with the senior’s speech therapist.
    Our caregivers will make sure to pay close attention to the advice of their senior patient’s speech therapists and do their best to accomplish it daily. They assist senior’s with the exercises and appointments to improve their ability to communicate well.

Let us hear about your concerns about the non-medical home care solutions we can offer. Do not hesitate to reach out to us and discuss how we can serve you or your senior loved ones better.