Tips in Helping Seniors Get Dressed

For individuals with limited mobility, dressing and undressing can be quite challenging and a source of frustration. For many, this is a simple part of their daily routine, but for seniors, when conditions like arthritis, Parkinson’s, and dementia are thrown into the mix, this uncomplicated task becomes complex. Luckily, with the help of caregivers in Illinois, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Here are some tips to assist an older adult with dressing.

  • Provide simple choices
    Regardless of a person’s age or cognitive ability, people like to have choices in what they wear. Providing two or three appropriate and seasonal options helps seniors maintain a sense of self and control.
  • Allow extra time for dressing
    Due to common health conditions, it usually takes a lot of time to help seniors get dressed. Giving plenty of time for dressing and undressing helps the process feel more relaxed, calm, and pleasant. This can make older adults more likely to cooperate and help with the process.
  • Reduce combative behaviors
    People who have Alzheimer’s or dementia tend to become combative when you try to help them dress or undress. Changing your approach can help overcome this kind of situation. Each person is different, so it’s a good idea to try different approaches or timing to see what works best for them. You can always ask for advice or assistance with a home care provider in Harwood Heights, Illinois.
  • Check out for skin issues
    While helping them get dressed, it also gives you the chance to check for any skin issues to help them stay as healthy and comfortable as possible. Redness, irritation, and pressure sores quickly develop in people who have limited mobility. It’s necessary to catch skin breakdown early to prevent open wounds and infections.

Taking care of a senior loved one requires a lot of time and effort. To avoid stress and burnout, receive help from experts. Angel Caregivers, Inc. offers quality non-medical home care services that you can trust. Call us for more details.