The Benefits of Living in a Clean, Well-Kept Home

If your senior loved one chooses to live independently, it is important to consider their ability to maintain a clean home. A clean living space can encourage safety and other health benefits. If they cannot manage to clean their house, availing of a home care provider in Harwood Heights, Illinois, is the best choice.

With this in mind, here are some benefits that your senior can enjoy from a clean home:

  • Less risk of falls
    Having an untidy living space can result in accidents like tripping or falling, especially for seniors who have fragile bones. Unkempt furniture and rugs can be a factor for these types of accidents, too.
  • Prevents pests from infesting the home
    Pests like cockroaches and rats are carriers of various diseases that may threaten the health of our seniors. If they live in a dirty environment, the chances of their home being infested by pests are high.
  • Lessens allergy and asthma attacks
    Over time, dust accumulates in various spaces in the home. That may trigger asthma and allergy attacks. Prevent this by hiring reliable caregivers in Illinois who can help your senior loved one live healthily and comfortably.
  • Encourages a healthy diet
    A study from Cornell University showed that people who live in a clean home are more likely to eat healthy, nutritious meals. On the other hand, people who are living in an unkempt home tend to eat junk food.

By letting seniors age in a safe living space, you can assure that they are in their best health as much as possible. To achieve a clean, comfortable home, Angel Caregivers, Inc. offers non-medical home care solutions for you and your loved one.