Senior Home Care Tips: Overcoming Malnutrition

Who is taking charge of your senior loved one’s daily nutritional intake? You can lean on our Caregivers in Illinois to assist you in this important matter. For our aging loved ones, it’s vital to take note that good nutrition enables them to maintain their quality of life in the aging season.

However, without proper care and attention, our senior family members are at risk of malnutrition. As your trusted home care provider in Harwood Heights, Illinois, let us give you some guidelines to prevent and overcome malnutrition among our aging loved ones.

  • Take them to their doctor
    In most instances, malnutrition can be caused by a lingering ailment that has not been diagnosed. When this is treated, their appetite may be restored, consequently taking out malnutrition.
  • Consider taking vitamins and supplement
    You may also need to inquire about this matter with your loved one’s doctor as they can provide sufficient advice for their overall health.
  • Be proactive in serving your loved one with healthy food
    Whether it’s on their regular meals or snacks, add extra ingredients that fortify the nutritional elements of the food they’re eating.
  • Create a meal plan
    Whether you coordinate with a professional dietician or not, following a planned meal program for our senior loved ones can put you in a clear direction in terms of attaining good nutrition.
  • Enhance food tastes
    Some food may taste bland to your loved one’s palate. You can try adding herbs, spices, or lemon to intensify their taste. You can also seek assistance from providers of non-medical home care solutions in preparing these kinds of meals.
  • Keep them company during meals
    To some people, the food can be less appetizing when they’re eating by themselves. This can be true to your loved one. See to it that you’re eating with them or you make regular appointments of eating with the whole family.

Ensure that the nutritional needs of your senior family member are addressed. If you need extra hands in caring for them, our team at Angel Caregivers, Inc. is here for you.