How to Deal with Appetite Loss in Seniors

A common trait found in adults over 60 is their loss of appetite. Many reasons lead to why seniors refuse to eat like changes in their taste buds, side effects of their medications, certain health conditions they have, and more. Angel Caregivers, Inc. aims to help seniors and caregivers deal with appetite loss for seniors to receive the nutrients for better health. With that, caregivers at our home care provider in Harwood Heights, Illinois, practice these ways to fight off appetite loss in seniors:

  • Setting a schedule for mealtimes. A regular mealtime schedule allows seniors’ bodies to identify and get used to the time they need to eat. This practice help seniors to realize that their hungry, making them inclined to eat the food in front of them.
  • Preparing a colorful plate. As seniors eat with their eyes, a plate packed with nutrients from colorful fruits and vegetables boosts seniors’ appetite.
  • Serving smaller portions of food. One reason seniors refuse to eat is that the big portion of food prepared for them in one meal may be overwhelming for them to finish. Our non-medical home care solutions also encourage healthy snacking to ensure seniors receive enough calories for the day.
  • Making mealtimes a social activity. Seniors tend to eat more while interacting with others during eating, making them finish their food.

Contact us now as our caregivers in Illinois are ready to help your seniors loved ones have healthy nutrition by stimulating their appetite.