Guidelines on Medication Management for Seniors

Medication can be a regular part of a senior person’s life. For this reason, they will need to have a clear grasp of what they’re taking in so that the medicine will work effectively for their condition.

In the absence of proper management, a senior person’s life can be put at an even higher risk. With this, here are important guidelines to consider when it comes to managing their medications.

  • Know all the medicines you have taken in the past and present
    These include the ones prescribed by your doctor and the ones bought over the counter. These also include medications that were applied on the skin, dropped on the eyes, herbal medicines, and other means.
  • Be informed about your personal medical history
    If you have not been keeping records, it will be advisable if you can prepare your list moving forward. A home care provider in Harwood Heights, Illinois can assist you in making these preparations.
  • Be in regular contact with your healthcare team
    If your doctor has prescribed to you a certain medication, be present on the follow-up check-up so you can provide input as to how the medicine took effect or not. This way, the doctor can prescribe for another treatment or recommend a higher dose.
  • Store medications properly
    Some medicines are required to be kept at a certain temperature or else their potency gets compromised. You also need to make sure that the medicines will not be accidentally ingested by children and pets. A Caregiver in Illinois can help you in storing your medications.
  • Always know when it’s time to contact your doctor
    When you’re feeling unusual sensations after you’ve taken your medicine, it’s best that you coordinate with your doctor immediately. This is the reason that seniors really need constant companionship at home. Someone can immediately assist them when emergency situations occur.

As providers of non-medical home care solutions, our team at Angel Caregivers, Inc. is here to aid you or your aging loved one to ensure that, among others, medication schedule is properly managed.

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