A moderate physical activity program helps vulnerable seniors maintain their mobility. But of course, such a program must be tailored after the senior’s needs and health status. In a recent study, many frail seniors can still reap benefits from regular physical activities so long as this is carefully structured. Supervision and assistance, however, must always be present to avoid injury. This is where our caregivers in Illinois come in to help.

Reduced mobility that is a result of aging can increase risks for disability, disease, and even death. Regular physical activity, when properly done, can defeat this possibility. Physical activity for seniors does not mean rigorous movement and routines. The common physical activity or exercises that are good for seniors are brisk walking, flexibility exercises, and strength and balance training. Physical therapists, occupational therapists, and other healthcare professionals need to intervene when seniors desire to squeeze in a physical activity program in their day. With their help, the targeted muscles for improved mobility are properly addressed. Doing household chores that do not require too much movement all at once will even do for seniors who are still starting.

Immobility is not the fate of seniors. This can always be regained through regular and proper physical activity. But seniors should not be left alone when performing their recommended exercises. To be safe, companions who can assist them and who do other non-medical home care solutions must be present.

So, if you’re looking into improving your mobility, call Angel Caregivers, Inc. today and inquire about our companion care services! We might be the home care provider in Harwood Heights, Illinois that you’ve been looking for!