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Ways to Improve Seniors’ Sleep at Night

Did you know that seniors are light sleepers? The reason why seniors are sensitive sleepers is that they no longer produce much melatonin as they used to, which is responsible for giving us deep sleep. At Angel Caregivers, Inc., we help seniors get a good night’s...

How to Deal with Appetite Loss in Seniors

A common trait found in adults over 60 is their loss of appetite. Many reasons lead to why seniors refuse to eat like changes in their taste buds, side effects of their medications, certain health conditions they have, and more. Angel Caregivers, Inc. aims to help...

You Are Not Alone, You Have a Companion

Aside from health problems, depression and anxiety among seniors are adding to the issues that have to be addressed with the help of caregivers in Illinois. Seniors who are living alone at home need a dependable companion more than ever. Have someone to talk to With a...

Senior Home Care in the Time of Pandemic

In this time of health crisis, non-medical home care services are focused on making sure that you or your elderly family members are safe at home. Together with your relatives, healthcare providers are with you every step of the way. Support with daily tasks Despite...

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