4 Home Additions that Improve Senior Safety

The safety of our aging loved ones is our priority when they are staying at home. This is also an area of concern that our home care providers in Harwood Heights, Illinois can assist you with. Our experience in the in-home caregiving industry shows us that with reduced fall risks, seniors can have more time to enjoy quality years ahead.

Aside from assigning someone to attend to a senior loved one, there are also important home adjustments that need to be made. These fixtures have to be installed so that fall risks are further reduced at home.

  1. Grab Bars on Doorways
    Whether it’s at the main entrance or in the bathrooms, grab bars are another essential safety measure for seniors. They can hold on to these bars whenever they move around even if Caregivers in Illinois are not assisting them.
  2. Non-Slip Mats in Bathrooms
    The bathroom is very unsafe for seniors because of its wet floors. Yet, falls can be prevented here when there are non-slip mats on the floor. Seniors can maintain their balance when standing on these mats even if the floor is wet.
  3. Kitchen Renovation
    The cupboards, cabinets, and stove in the kitchen area may also need to be renovated. These need to be positioned in a way that seniors can easily reach items without stretching too far. With reachable items nearby, they can still maintain their balance even when they have to prepare meals for themselves.
  4. Bright Lighting on Hallways
    Seniors also need to be able to walk with ease on their own. Yet, they may be unable to do this if they have vision challenges. Install bright lighting in pathways at home so that seniors can see where they’re going clearly. They can walk on in safety.

Elderly safety is also one of our major commitments as providers of non-medical home care solutions. If you need a hand in ensuring the safety and wellbeing of your aging loved ones at home, contact us at Angel Caregivers, Inc. We’ll be right here to help you out!

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